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A bench for moms to feel safe

A bench for moms to feel safe

The bench that will revolutionize breastfeeding in public is here!

Baptized 'Heer' and designed by a boutique design studio based in Prague, the bench for mothers offers privacy and tranquility in public spaces to feed the baby.


The project was directed by Ivana Preiss and Filip Vasic together with the industrial designer Nikola Knezevic. The primary objective of this breastfeeding bench is to offer harmony between comfort and discretion.




This is not about moralism or ethics, they aren’t censoring anyone or saying that mothers should breastfeed in public or not, on the contrary, the bench is an attempt to integrate breastfeeding where you want and when you want.


But one more benefit of Heer is that it’s a public infrastructure for mothers who, for whatever reason, prefer or need to feed their babies with some more privacy.


Heer can adapt to different angles and spaces, to ensure that the mother can find a comfortable position, according to the study. The bench consists of a capsule-type seat, with arms that wrap around the person sitting on it, which turns to offer the option of protecting the mother and gently rocking to help relax the baby or calm him down to sleep.




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