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Wing is a creation from the studio Ramos & Bassols for Actiu, the result of the natural technological evolution of a traditional wooden chair, adapted to more efficient production processes and highly innovative technical developments.



Among pieces of work that bring into full consideration both the function of technology and a forward-thinking vision into its design, the Wing chair stands out as a project that speaks loudly through its success.

Aiming for much more than just a seating component, the chair's excellent design was selected as the Red Dot Design Award Winner in 2015 by competent expert juries in the areas of Product Design, Communication Design, and Design Concept.

David Ramos and Jordi Bassols, both industrial designers and the masters behind the Wing chair structure, tend to offer a personal view on the contemporary design that is always striving for the balance between form, function, and aesthetics.


Their shared vision made the Wing chair a reality that has served as the main piece of countless spaces since it started production. The enveloping design of Wing is defined with clean lines that are also warm and attractive for the public, becoming the ultimate reflector for the spirit of its creators.


When looking for ways to reinvent the ways of modern seating, common design conventions were a significant force to approach and reconsider. Finding a middle point between the way people have become accustomed to simple seating and finding diverse ways to re-design with common simplicity and usual forms that have been used for many years was a challenge when designing the Wing chair.


Bringing about the next evolution of collective seats with a product that would conquer the market and reestablish conventions was the objective to conquer when formulating a concept behind the Wing design.


The ingenuity of its Ramos & Bassols came into full flourish by taking the traditional wooden chair design and adding cutting-edge technical advances, both in manufacturing and materials.


Versatility that Adapts to Beautiful Spaces:


With a vintage style design and the use of high-quality materials, Wing is a useful chair for any environment, both interior, and exterior. Through a well-proportioned and balanced shape, a robust and stable structure, and a comfortable geometry that surrounds the back of its user, Wing is a program that brings us back to traditional seats while also integrating a technological efficiency to it.


Without a doubt, this design suits many spaces and meets the aesthetics followed by newest furnishing trends in design, color, finishes, and accessories.



Wing, Let Your Imagination Fly:


When seeking for beauty or when striving for minimalistic perfection, Wing is the finishing touch that brings it all together. With its simplicity and careful design, Wing will encourage and comfort you by offering an ideal resting seat and a durable improvement in your spaces. 

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