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The Actiu Technology Park, a LEED Platinum Award Winner

The Actiu Technology Park, a LEED Platinum Award Winner

The first european company to build such an acclaimed building.

Eight years of being officialy opened, the Actiu Technology park, base of our main provider in top-quality furniture became a LEED Platinum installation in recognition of its sustainability and use of resources.

This recognition came after six years of already being certified LEED Gold, being the first european company in receiving such honor, and now they have exceeded their own feats with this new honorific.

The design of the Actiu Technology Park, created by José María Tomás LLavador, was based on sustainability and the self-sufficient use of natural resources right from the outset. Rain water is collected from the roofs and stored in cisterns for irrigation and industrial use. Then there is Europe's largest rooftop photovoltaic plant, installed with state-of-the-art technology and output, which generates 7 million kWh of solar energy – 6 times Actiu's requirements.

All the roofs in the Technology Park are designed to collect rainwater, which they do with complete efficiency thanks to an innovative siphon based on the principle of a gravity-induced vacuum.

Its thousands of shrubs and small plants in the gardens are all traditional regional species, with a predominance of aromatic varieties.

This is why this great strategic recognition brings such value to the Actiu brand, making it shine among other enterprises in the business, its continent and the entire world.

We here at MASOF are proud to work hand-on-hand with such an excellent company. And we are always glad to see it reach new heights.

Congratulations, Actiu!

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