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Summer 2019,An Office Ready To Go To The Beach!

Summer 2019,An Office Ready To Go To The Beach!

Trends in interior decoration for this summer invite employees to enjoy sunny days from the office

It is a fact that summer comes and the body asks us for beach time, some sun, and a good dip. However, there are many of us who will have to stay in our offices to spend these days elsewhere than on a beach vacation.


But there is no need to be sad! That's what the power of interior decoration is for.




It has been proven that working in a more orderly and welcoming space improves performance and increases employee productivity. It is for this reason that modern offices take great care of their aesthetic appearance. After all this time, company owners have understood that this benefits everyone.


First of all, is it summer and still the office is full of Christmas decorations? Time to take them away! No dark colors, woolen fabrics, winter prints or any Christmas accessory adorning the work environment.




Colors are fundamental. Summer invites us to wear much more vivid and cheerful decorations, so we have to bring color through accessories and textiles. Bright and intense colors such as orange, yellow, and soft ones like blue and pink will work best.


Summer is not summer without nature. This is a time where floral plants are more alive than ever after having been reborn in spring. Plants are a strong point this year, so if you have not yet added them your office decoration, now's the time!




And of course, open your office windows! Sunshine is the main protagonist of this season, so it will be the finishing touch for an office ready to enjoy the summer.

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