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Spanish Workplace

Spanish Workplace Design: Why has Everything Changed?

The buoyancy of the Spanish economy is adding dynamism and an experimental edge to its workplace sector, creating opportunities that bring a sharp focus on innovative workplace designs.


With office occupation demand at its highest level in a decade, space availability is diminishing. As a result, clients are becoming more innovative about how they create spaces, and this is having a wonderful effect on workplace design.


Four key trends in Spanish workplaces:


Innovation – the new EY offices in Madrid are founded on the activity-based model, with a range of different space for working and socializing. Again, there is a strong emphasis on interaction and bringing the workforce together while offering them a choice of location and work mode.


A new way of doing business has fed through to a new form of designing office spaces – there is pretty much a strategy founded on “the way we work will define where we need to work.”  Firms are no longer concerned with a location for location’s sake – it has become all about brave choices and making the best decision for the firm, business strategy and not being dictated by lease lengths and available space.


This fresh approach is, in part, being driven by a new manifesto from workers for whom salary and job status are no longer the key elements for staff attraction and retention.  Workers in Madrid can now look at the location of the company they want to work at, with the social benefits and work/life balance it offers them as a key basis for their decision-making.


Businesses are encouraging new ways of working – both inside the office and via teleworking – and these new forms are all about empowering workers and giving them greater confidence in their day-to-day activities.



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