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Eating At Work ... Is It Fashionable?

Eating At Work ... Is It Fashionable?

There is a growing trend among companies to promote healthy eating and it’ for the right reasons.

The current lifestyle we have, with such working hours and so little free time left between them, has forced a large part of the population to eat frequently outside the home. This has had a consequent impact on their personal economy and most importantly, on their health.




Unhealthy employees and the illnesses that they suffer costs companies billions of dollars in health-related expenses and lost productivity.


Promoting health in the workplace is an important approach to improving wellness and productivity. Healthy employees are 20 percent more productive and report fewer absences due to illness.




Taking home-prepared foods to work can be an economical and healthy alternative. If you organize the time and plan what you will have during the week, in a few months you will have lost a few kilos and you will notice good changes in your wallet.




In Masof Inc. we are always thinking about the progress and improvement of workspaces for the benefit of workers. To update your spaces and office elements, you can always contact us to create together a project of avant-garde and different office furniture. Visit our showroom in the Miami-Dade area or contact us on our website.

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