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A mixture of aesthetic concepts from residential and interior design brought to commercial spaces, the Resimercial design makes an impact

Taking the reins of office design, the Resimercial design sounds more and more like a tempting proposal for spaces. It is not difficult to trace the origin of the term, as it comes from the combination of the words ‘residential’ and ‘commercial’, creating a new, chic and attractive word, which denotes a unique fusion home comfort and functional design for the office.

The more avant-garde people in the industry are constantly every day aiming for more to home-work spaces, which is why creating a word that fits into these new concepts was going to happen sooner or later.


Adapting workspaces to a Resimercial design easily achieved through the use of more comfortable seating solutions, many indoor plants (biophilic design), warmer lighting that resembles the sun, and framed decoration for the walls. The color palette aims for more domestic colors, thus achieving an effective adaptation of the space to make it cozier and on par with current trends of commercial interiors.

The special touch of Resimercial design lies with the small details. Space personalization is essential, from patterned ornaments to carpets and cushions, and all that is strictly necessary to transform the office into a cozy home.

The advantages of the resimercial design go beyond simply adapting the workspace into a home environment, there are many benefits of opting for this revolutionary design scheme. Its most beneficial feature is to provide the employee with happiness and mental well-being, creating a healthier and more satisfied workforce, capable of achieving the best results in their daily obligations.

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