The WELL certification rewards those innovators who are committed to healthy architecture

As mentioned on previous news, Actiu has been awarded the WELL certification, an unquestionably historical achievement, because it’s not just any building that manages to excel on the 10 concepts that WELL deals in: air, water, food, lighting, movement, thermal comfort, sound, materials, mind, and community. That is why it is inevitable that we dress to celebrate.

All the merit is given to the Actiu Technology Park. Designed by Jose María Tomas Llavador, since it was conceived it has been based on the sustainability and self-supply of natural resources. It was built in 2008 following the most advanced standards of the day and recognized as LEED Gold in 2011 and then LEED Platinum in 2017, both certifications granted by the USGBC US Green Building Council stating as proof that the headquarters comply with the requirements of sustainable architecture and energetic efficiency.

Tomás Llavador himself has a very particular vision of what current occupational architecture means: “Today the problem is not quantity, but quality. The morphology of cities will change because of technology.” Giving human quality to spaces is the future of buildings.


WELL is an evaluation system for the features of existing spaces, and their influence on the health of their occupants. To be more specific, it’s a certification backed by the International Well Building Institute (IWBI) which values concepts such as lighting, temperature, and even the state of mind of a building’s residents.