When architecture and nature blend, a total harmony between man and man’s spaces is achieved

As we mentioned in previous articles, the Actiu Technology Park was awarded the WELL certification. WELL is an evaluation system for the features of built spaces and their influence on the health of their occupants. It is really a recognition without compare, since not every building manages to exceed in the 10 concepts that the certification deals with: air, water, food, lighting, movement, thermal comfort, sound, materials, mind, and community.

While it is true that providing for the physical well-being of employees is one of the main objectives of the certification, the second feature that is taken into account is also to ensure emotional well-being.

In emotional care, everything that has to do with the heart and the senses comes into consideration. On this subject, designers and health experts all reach the same conclusion: nature is the best medicine for the human soul.

This is how Architect Jose Maria Tomas Llavador, ‘Father’ of the Actiu Technology Park’s design, has taken into account the trends of biophilic design and has given life to a wondrous series of ideas that intermingle architecture and nature, including a huge tree plantation that is full of native species of low water consumption, with thousands of aromatic plants.

Not that its gardens are lacking at all: They include more than 2,500 trees with the overwhelming presence of Mediterranean pines, cypresses, palm trees, and olive trees.

The Actiu Technology Park is born from a philosophy whose pillars are sustainability, the promotion of more humane labor relations, and the search for beauty and day-to-day effectiveness. In this context, biophilic design is repeated insistently as a logical baseline for the Actiu Technology Park.