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In the past decade there have been countless events that have marked a big before and after

All through the economy, electronic commerce, social networks, architecture, transport, to the latest technologies in robotics, the way we have live from 2000 to today is not what anyone imagined.

We may not have flying cars or automatic kitchens yet, but the automation of our lives is less and less a dream of the future. Phone technology and the Internet have transformed the world as we knew it, and now it’s impossible to imagine a world without Google, smartphones and social networks.

Looking back, it is amazing to think about the many things have changed for our daily lives in the last two decades.

While all these advances are fantastic, it is also worth highlighting the evolution that has taken place in terms of work ethics and policies, where a job’s entire function can now even be done from home, and as to how every day there are more entrepreneurs who become their own bosses. Certainly, nobody from 30 years ago would have taken seriously the possibility of this type of employment situation.

A quick meeting about the amount of waste that the company generates daily may be enough to start raising awareness.

In general, an office with 100 people produces an average of 20 garbage bags a week. This fills a 1,100-liter bin a week. Which is equivalent to filling fifty 1,100-liter garbage containers in a year. Amazing, right? But even more incredible is the fact that more than 90% of office waste can be recycled.


The 2000s was the era of the search engine. Google dominated the market; Amazon gave birth to a new era of electronic commerce; Apple put a computer in everyone’s hand through iPhones. In the 2010s, we were introduced to social networks and the collaborative economy. Facebook became a social phenomenon while Uber and Airbnb transformed the way we travel. And when we consider what platforms like Instagram or YouTube achieved, we would have plenty of cloth to cut from, so to speak.

Now, what will the new decade hold for us? It’s already more than certain that 5G technology is about to launch into our lives, and artificial intelligence is increasingly a reality that we will have to adapt to sooner rather than later. It is really exciting what the near future holds for us as technology advances every day at a giant pace, never ceasing to amaze us.


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