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Many times we feel limitated when we do not have enough space to decorate the way we like, specially when it is about our workplace

When we work en reduced spaces, often we though thatdue to the lack of space we can not incorporate our own touch, prefferences and colour to the place; therefore it should not fulfill just one function: practicity. This does not has to be a determinant factor that delimits our creativity to decorate, because sometimes the offices becomes like our second home, due to the great amount of time we spend there, which needs and injection of our style to the workstation.
At Masof we know that decorate an office can be a challenge, even more if it is small. That’s why we wnat to share a few tips to help You to overcome this challenge, without falling during the try.

First of all keep in mind the colour of the room or the area, and remember that light colors gives a feeling of having more space, like the white or pastel shades; but if You want to take a risk with bold colors try to use luminous colors like yellow, without turning them into darker shades, thus this will generate that the place seems to be smaller than it is, which is not our intention.
Second, your desk must be as functional as possible. A good way to do it is having a desk larger than wider, which it will save you space. In Masof we have with a great variety of confortable desks, practical and avant garde, that can be useful to set the area. Such is the case of our desk Twist, which is ideal for small spaces due to it’s minimalistic design.

Third, about details, less is more. In this type of spaces it’s important to keep it simple to avoid a crowded sensation. Try to have only necessary thing on your desk and a personal belonging that identify your work area like a picture, a message or maybe a small plant.

Fourth, if You share the office with a coworker, screens are very helpful to each one of you have some privacy and own space. At Masof we share a vast variety of screenings that can be useful and reflect the style of the place.

At last but not less important, keep in mind that natural ilumination and a file cabinets are always your best companions to keep everything tidy and in place.

Each one of the mentioned tips are though with the intention to share a bit of knowledge and propose solutions for your decoration, which doesn’t has to be limited to the office but als can be applied to your home.

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