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ACTIU keeps making strides in consolidating its position on the North American market. In this opportunity, it’s done hand in hand with its long-term ally in Florida, MASOF, INC.


MASOF was entrusted the responsibility of furnishing the headquarter offices of the sister companies HealthGains and Gainwaves at their new “A-class' office spaces located in the Aventura ParkSquare Wellness Center in Florida.




HealthGains is a leading American company that provides custom-made therapies and procedures that enhance vitality and longevity by advancing the intellectual, physical, and sexual performance and wellbeing of countless patients nationwide.


Testimonials of their therapeutic procedures and successes have been covered by reputable media platforms such as Men’s Health, ABC News, BulletProof, Playboy, Bengreenfield Fitness, TheDoctors and UrologyTimes among others.




As they themselves like to say, HealthGains allows people to “Unlock and realize your full potential with cutting-edge medically proven therapies and programs that are individually designed for men and women at every stage of life”.


This project has a distinctive ACTIU presence as both, Senior Project Designer Maria Trochez, and the VP and Founder Mrs. Liliana White identified themselves with our distinct design style and quality standards.




This project was conceived with the specific intent of combining private offices with common workspaces. Furniture is to be mixed depending on the type of privacy each zone is designed for, as open spaces are created depending on the type of work and work styles of their intended users.


Basic design frameworks were drawn when Senior Project Designer, Maria Trochez became set on the task of interpreting the objectives of Mrs. Liliana White. As such, in ACTIU furniture they were able to find the versatility needed to create private, semi-private and completely open spaces.




By her own standards, the furniture designs that her disposition provided an ideal solution that allowed her to achieve a high-density occupancy within defined spaces without making them congested. On the contrary, spaces occupied by larger groups of people enjoy a greater sense of amplitude. “Incorporating new and novel organic and functional forms by the ACTIU products was fundamental for the project” Designer Maria Trochez points out.


Once the proposals were approved, MASOF's design team stepped in to define the product lines to be used and the material and colors that best suited the client's vision. In addition, Mrs. Liliana White had the important goal of using desks at the traditional height for sitting, and desks of variable heights in which people can work either sitting or standing, the second being an option often preferred by the youngest collaborators. Following Mrs. Liliana White's assertive choice, a special height was used in operative areas that were modeled and furnished with products featuring seating and stand working functionalities that are flawlessly integrated into the furniture pieces themselves.




“The end result is a furnishing where the function and aesthetics are mixed with a result of satisfaction and comfort for its users” commented Julian Duque, Director at MASOF Inc.


The following product lines were selected by the MASOF team and approved by the project’s client:




MOBILITY adjustable-height table for the CEO workstation with soft seating complement for the office's waiting area. A KADOS executive chair completes the CEO office’s furnishing with a leather finish,  including UMA chairs for guests and the elegant Global CAMINO chair for the meeting and relaxing area.


ARKITEK Desks for Manager workstations and executive offices, with white leather KADOS chairs and black UMA guest chairs. White glass Block credenzas were placed in the back to maintain a simpler and cleaner style of ambiance. Global’s CAMINO soft seating for the managers giving a private area to meet with customer in a more friendly way.




LINK partition stations were used in three sections: Practice Development, Wellness Advisors, and Medical Department. Colors according to each function were assigned, predominantly with blue in areas technologically-oriented places and red in marketing-oriented areas.


It's very important to point out that this product line solution offered two different height: A normal height for Wellness Advisors and Medical Staff, and a counter-level height for Practice Development, where the youngest members of their team operate. Younger team members like the option of alternating between sitting and standing positions.




The LINK  partitions worked perfectly in the Health Gains areas, as its polygonal shape matched the corporate logo pattern of Gainwaves as seen on the floor décor.


TWIST desks were used for the energetic group that works in Marketing, giving them the option of working while standing or seating on an EFIT operative stool chair. Additionally, a TWIST video conference station with EFIT chairs were used in more private video conference rooms. In larger meeting areas, a TWIST rectangular conference table and the versatile STAY chairs were combined.




Training and modular conference rooms were furnished with our Red Dot Award-Winning PLEK tables and SPACIO Chairs. These rooms were provided with retractable modular walls that allowed to join three rooms into one, cafeteria included.


Expressing the vision and spirit of the organization, walls all over the office were imprinted with inspirational quotes chosen by its founder: “Nothing can stop a person with the right mental attitude from achieving a goal; Nothing on earth can help the person with the wrong mental attitude” Thomas Jefferson.




For the company’s cafeteria, a vibrant and easy-going solution was implemented with products like MIT stools in red and green colors and minimalistic-looking high TABULA tables. Several iconic BADMINTON chairs were placed in this area to provide a more comfortable and relaxing experience to employees.


“When Lililiana White visited our showroom, she fell in love with our BADMINTON chairs, and was convinced that she wanted to have this chair in her Cafeteria, where we ended up installing three of them,” said Mr. Julian Duque, Director of MASOF, INC.




The elegant KADOS chairs were also placed in a centralized counter exquisitely made with white stone and wood finishes. Patients and visitors are directed from this lobby counter to elegantly decorated waiting lounges of either Health Gains or Gainwaves. Special and private rooms to attend thir customers were furnish with ARKITEK meeting table and KATE chairs from Global.  A truly splendid experience.



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