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Offices From Movies: Wall Street (1987)

Offices From Movies: Wall Street (1987)

We continue our walk through the most outstanding office designs on the big screen.

The main office on Oliver Stone's Wall Street movie is the vivid image of the work environment of the mid-80s, specifically in a city like New York, famous for that epithet that represents it: the city that never sleeps.




Paper-filled tables, outdated communication equipment, offices where you could smoke in, and huge computer hardware. This is the scenario for Wall Street, a film that features performances by Charlie Sheen and Michael Douglas in their prime, as well as a plot involving a romance with an interior decorator played by Daryl Hannah.




Under the directing eye of Oliver Stone in 1987, the film deals with dark themes. Yet, among all these, that excess and decadence there's also ...amazing interior design! Throughout the film, although it's not easy to notice at first, the artworks within it play a key role within the film that emphasizes the state of its characters.




For example, Gordon Gekko (Douglas) is an avid collector, and some of his most memorable scenes feature impressive pieces of his stash, like Joan Miro's green and black painting that adorns his office.




In Wall Street (1987) scenarios with large offices, mahogany desks, biophilic designs, and stylized hairdos with a lot of hairspray enveloping those unmistakable brick-sized mobile phones are the main dish... The eighties were all about technology evolving, yuppies making money, and huge financial fraud, which the main elements that bring a dance of period furniture to this movie.

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