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Offices From Movies: Mad Men (2007)

Offices From Movies: Mad Men (2007)

Today we review sublime office design from one of the most acclaimed series in TV history.

The creator of this jewel of television, Matthew Weiner, may have never expected the success that his New York drama inspired by the 60s would eventually have, but he much less expected the impact that it had both on viewers and interior designers in general, by having the scenography of Mad Men become a new influence for offices then and now.




Mad Men is a drama that revolves around one of the most prestigious advertising agencies in New York during the early 1960s, focusing on one of the most mysterious and most talented advertising executives in the firm: Donald Draper.




The story is wonderful, but something that managed amazed the viewers even more was the sublime and precise set design created by the talented set decorator Claudette Didul-Mann, which act as a time capsule for 1960's advertising world in New York.




The now-iconic office of Don Draper in Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce is an example of the timeless and multifunctional design of workspaces that were popular at that time. In the 1960s imagination and originality in interior design skyrocketed with dynamic and asymmetrical forms taking center stage.




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