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Offices From Movies: Her (2013), By Spike Jonze

Offices From Movies: Her (2013), By Spike Jonze

Let's take a tour through the most transcendental office designs seen on the big screen.

Some office designs we see in films are definitely surprising for us. And they can be truly influencing to the point of making us think about how our personal workspaces can get to look like that.




In the case of Her (2013), it’s about a love story of a writer, played magnificently by Joaquin Phoenix, and Samantha, the female voice of an OS, an artificial intelligence similar to Apple's Siri. Yes, a romance between a human being and an operating system.




From the first shot, we are shown an office where Theodore Twombly (Joaquin Phoenix) performs his work as an epistolary creative editor. The color of the spaces overwhelms us and fills us with awe. The film is also set a couple of years in the future, with a much more advanced technology created to adapt to more modern human beings.




The office of ‘Handwritten Letters’ (name of the company where Twombly works) reminds us of the actual real-life headquarters of Google in Silicon Valley, an explosion of color and ergonomic furniture that was ahead of what was trendy in interior design in 2013: Spacious places, white tones, and a predominance of red all throughout the space, accompanied by elements such as white tables with partitions and avant-garde work chairs that materialize the key features of modern offices.




In Masof Inc. we can make your spaces look like those you see on your favorite movie. To bring a change to your areas and work items, you can always contact us to create together a furniture project that brings impact and makes a difference. Visit our showroom in Miami-Dade or contact us on our website.

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